Through the Ashees

Through the Ashees

~ Through the Ashes ~

I experienced something yesterday that changed something within me.

The event I can not describe to you but to say you would never wish it upon another can not describe how I feel. I discovered I never become complacent in who you are nor the possibilities and outcomes. It is hard for me to speak without fully understanding myself, and yet I realize through such a traumatic event I found strength and courage to push through my fears and I was capable of handling a situation.

The poem I have written below is a way to describe how one can continue to grow and learn from event that occur every day. It is hoped that when you read it, it will inspire and give my readers the strength and courage that they too can rise up through the ashes and move forward with the strength and courage within.

Nothing is ever easy, nor is it something we can prepare for. We can only face the moment with what we have at the time and use what we have already learnt. We have to remember over time we will begin to realize regardless of the situation being faced, the steps to cope and work through it are the same steps every time only we have grown more giving us the courage and strength to face the challenge ahead.

Yesterday was an experience I had hoped never learn from, however I understand that there was a element of complacency in thinking the day was just like every other. I have to learn from this and stop blaming myself for things that are out of my control. To realize I did everything I could to prevent it, even after, I took control of the moment, I showed true courage and strength without regard to myself.

Life is unpredictable and as I keep saying its a journey.
Wake up each day ready to learn, ready to step through the ashes and grow.

Many Blessings to you all


Soul Speak