Things That Are Weirdly Hot When The Signs Do Them


Things That Are Weirdly Hot When The Signs Do Them

Things That Are Weirdly Hot When The Signs Do Them

Aries: Licking/biting their lips/ Sticking out their tongue when focusing, Stretching their arms forward, Rolling their eyes, Swearing quietly

Taurus: Leaning forward on their feet to look at you, Cocking their head to move their hair out of their face, Angling their hips

Gemini: Puppy dog eyes and a small smile, Winking, Making dirty jokes, Laughing through their smile, Diving into a pool, Protectively hugging someone

Cancer: Just being quiet and broody, Ruffling their hair, Getting really intense in a sport, Having body hair, Wearing anything around their wrist

Leo: Cracking their knuckles, Laughing with their eyes closed, Winking, Flipping someone off, Leaning back to yawn loudly

Virgo: Smirking, Raising one eyebrow, Climbing anything, Posing for photos, Dancing with their friends, Anything that strains them physically

Libra: Suggestive faces/hand gestures, Sticking their hands in their pockets to rock back and forth on their heels, Self-deprecating humor

Scorpio: Fist pumps/saying “yes!” when they realize they’ve won something /gotten it right, Chewing on the end of a pencil/pen

Sagittarius: Getting pissed off, Drinking tons of water after exertion, Climbing into the seat of a car, Laughing until they can’t breathe

Capricorn: Dancing when they’re happy, Accents of any kind, Literally just twiddling their thumbs, Pretending to complain about something they clearly love

Aquarius: Taking selfies, Fiddling with/raking their hands through their hair, Calling you by your first name randomly in conversation

Pisces: Throwing anything, Offering/ giving piggy back rides, Putting lotion on themselves, Looking over their sunglasses

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