There Is A Reason You Cannot Find A Good Woman

there is a reason you cannot find a good woman

There is a reason you cannot find a good woman;
it is your own insecurity sabotaging you.
You can love one of two types of women:
the flower or the weed, and you ever choose the latter.
The weeds latch onto you, surround you,
suck your bank account dry, and take up all of your time,
but make you feel safe, comfortable.
The weed cannot survive without you
and this assures your self-confidence.
But then, there are the flowers.
The flower does not need you.
She has a career, the capability of holding intellectual,
late-night conversations, a flair for the eccentric,
and petals so bright it will nearly blind you.
The flower will find her way without you;
she will find sunlight despite your shade.
She is capable, and because of this,
she has the choice of walking away unscathed.
This is what terrifies you into settling for weeds
in a field of flowers;
the chance she might not think you are good enough
when in reality,
you are worthy of her heart if you are willing to risk
yours first.

S.G. Kilbride


Amanda Rose

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