The Zodiac Signs in College

The Zodiac Signs in College

The Signs in College  

Aries: Stoner who gets in fights.  

Taurus: Studies a lot but still has a good group of friends.  

Gemini: Has a lot of friends, does good in their classes.  

Cancer: Everyone loves them but they don’t have any close friends.  

Leo: Queen bee of their friend group, does about average in their classes.  

Virgo: Studies a lot, enjoys a party every once in a while.  

Libra: Pretty much equal amount of school and friends.  

Scorpio: Constantly partying and getting drunk.  

Sagittarius: Spends a lot of time with their friends.  

Capricorn: Is top of the class.  

Aquarius: Spends too much time in the library.  

Pisces: Art major/stoner.

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