The Zodiac Signs At Work

The Zodiac Signs At Work

The Signs At Work:  

Virgo arrives 15 minutes early and starts finishing projects months in advance.  

Gemini walks in, already on their 3rd cup of coffee, and tries to look alive.  

Libra is busy schmoozing with all the higher-ups, while  

Aquarius has fallen asleep at their desk.  

Cancer is seen complaining to an HR rep. about how  

Aries keeps playing loud music in the cubicles.  

Sagittarius accidentally walked into a wall, while checking out  

Pisces who was bending over to pick up a file.  

Taurus was playing a video game at their desk, while  

Scorpio had to take an online training course about sexual harassment in the work place. Meanwhile,  

Leo was all but begging for a promotion, while  

The big boss Capricorn was making a long list of people to fire…

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