The Zodiac Signs At A Playground


The Zodiac Signs At A Playground

The Signs At A Playground

Aries: Climbing the highest trees they can find and collecting bird feathers for Aquarius

Taurus: High on Virgo’s candy and drugs

Gemini: The playground bully; keeps pushing kids off the swing

Cancer: Sitting in a cove, talking to Capricorn

Leo: Pro at the monkey bars

Virgo: Selling drugs and candy to the younger kids, whichever one they’re interested in

Libra: Trying not to get their outfit dirty

Scorpio: Watching everyone from afar

Sagittarius: On the swings, reminiscing

Capricorn: Hangs out with Cancer the entire time; really only needs one playground buddy

Aquarius: Collecting bird feathers for their scrapbook, with the help of Aries

Pisces: Fell asleep on the slide; woke up in the wood chips

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