The Way Your Zodiac Sign Is Beautiful


The Way Your Zodiac Sign Is Beautiful

The Way Your Sign Is Beautiful

Aries: Your smirk, the sideways glances and the lifting of your eyebrows, it’s your snarky personality that makes you endearing and beautiful.  

Taurus: Your hand gestures, the blush that creeps up when someone compliments you, it’s the way you move and express yourself that makes you beautiful.  

Gemini: When you dance, you let go and the world becomes yours, when you are in your zone that is what makes you beautiful.  

Cancer: When you hide your laughter, turn your face away so people can’t see your expression, the way you are so shy and embarrassed about the adorable things you do are what make you beautiful.  

Leo: When you smile, so big and warm, when you reach your arms out for a hug, your love and laughter is what makes you beautiful.  

Virgo: Your kindness, when you reach out to others, when you help even though you don’t particularly want too, that is what makes you beautiful.  

Libra: When you walk, when you come right up to someone and talk, when you feel fearless and you look fearless you are beautiful.  

Scorpio: When you laugh, and you tilt your head back and boom out the most joyful laughter, when you stare at those you love, it’s the way you feel that makes you beautiful.  

Sagittarius: When you rest your eyes, when you take a beat and let yourself relax, when you get into a place of total relaxation, that is when you are beautiful  

Capricorn: When you tell a joke, when you try to charm someone, when you are awkward and struggle to find the right words, that is when you are so so beautiful.  

Aquarius: When you forget anyone exists, when you just let yourself be, when you say the craziest funny things, when you tell the most animated stories, when you just be yourself, that is when you are beautiful.  

Pisces: When you stare, when you hold someone’s hand and reach out, you are beautiful when you care, when you love, when you share.  

You are all beautiful in every way, these are just the things that stand out to me.

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