The voices inside continue to call

The voices inside continue to call
Sherri Robinson Brown


The voices inside continue to call,
Pulling me back to the dark wall.
I must remain strong,
So that I can find 
where I truly belong. 
Terry D. Pickron


‘I’ve walked away
from the darkness of my past
only to discover it’s reach
has a long memory


Sulekha Pande


I moved forward,
leaving my,
In the darkest closet,
of my mind,
I was not aware,
that they will, 
keep gnawing at me,
from my behind.


Sulekha Pande


It’s not easy,
to conquer,
your fears,
not easy,
to overcome tears,
they keep pulling,
you back into their folds,
I must not look back,
I must walk my roads.


Karthik Parthasarathy


As I leave my past,
Move away from the shadowy thoughts,
There is a call for me to come back,
Tempting me now more than ever.
Moving away, though, is the only option,
For me to get some salvation,
Need all my strength not to look back,
To run and hold the welcoming hands.


Aderinboye Micheal Olawale


Turned my back against 
the darkness of the past..
Shinning in the light of my present!
Creating a better and happier me; 
I have past my troubles and worries 
Rinku Shah


It took me so long,
Waited till I was strong.
As I stepped forward,
It felt awkward…
My life was finally on track,
Now there’s no looking back!


Debra Pry


His will was stronger
 than his demons..
Life is a Battlefield.
Aditi Prabhu


To the evil side of me,
Today I walk away from thee.
Breaking all bondages 
and setting my soul free 
Ceona Chambers


Shadows of my past,
are always trying
to pull me back in


Happy Honey


Leave your fears behind
And move forward.


Chhayal Shah Baijal


Walk towards your future,
don’t let your past hold you back


Mai Quesada


Set yourself free from negativity!


Karthii Ad


Haunted by Past.



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