Perhaps this is the most life changing revelation about the word of GOD, which will change the way we handle this eternal word of truth; with authority and strong conviction to transform the life of every believer.

I still do love those old school movies where the art of warfare is characterized by brave men, fast horses, heavy armor and sharp swords. A soldier back then was a force to reckon with, his life revolved around nothing but daily arduous training, war songs and heavy meals consisting majorly of lean meat. You are totally sold out to the state no meddling in the affairs of civilians. You literally eat, drink and sleep war.

Now to put things in to perspective, let’s turn to Paul’s letter to the Ephesians where he describes the full armor of GOD. However before we go further it will be worthwhile to mention that any born again believer who doesn’t realize he enlisted in the army of GOD the day he accepted Christ in his life, is living  very dangerous life because sooner or later he will be shot dead without knowing it.

Before going to war there are some basic principles that every soldier knows about warfare. Firstly he needs to have the right mind-set and by mind set I mean no cowards can be soldiers for the affairs of war need a very brave heart and focused mind t nothing but total annihilation of the enemy and victory. Secondly proper training is essential to know the right techniques to use during the battle, to build ones stamina and know survival tactics when you run out of options (read plan B). Last but most importantly, your armor and weapon of choice and how you handle it on the battle field, will be very essential in determining the scores after all is said and done-victory or defeat.

Ephesians 6:13-17 speaks of the FULL ARMOUR OF GOD. Paul takes his time to explain each part of the armour in relation to a Christian ready for battle against the forces of darkness. My main focus will be on the only offensive weapon a soldier has at his disposal. It is I must say, the only thing that can influence the length of the battle and the outcome of the struggle. The sword, I must say can either inflict fatal wounds upon either of the combatants or inflict a deathly blow depending on how it is wielded.

You and I both know that a fatal wound is not the best option in this battle, the enemy must be vanquished completely never to return to oppress us or our dear ones. My advice, aim for the heart and thrust the double aged sword provided for us by our commander in chief Jesus Christ with all skill and might obtaining flawless victory within a minute. Folks, having a shiny amour and a robust double aged sword is not sufficient if you lack enough skills and hours on training. You will be equated to a sub-machine gun in the hands of a toddler, it’s simply another useless piece of toy or worse.

Verse 17 says…and the word of GOD which is THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT. The enemy-the devil- knows the power of God’s word and he will do everything to prevent you from taking it seriously thus handle it carelessly, make you very busy for the word so that you remain fully ignorant and vulnerable to his attacks. The word of GOD Is GOD himself…the same word that created the heavens and the earth, raised the dead, turned water into wine, chased demons away, forgave sins, opened the eyes of the blind and destroyed every evil attack of the enemy on God’s People. We need to read it daily and hold to it firmly like a real sword so as to have the strength and skill to wield and inflict a deathly blow on our enemy or we shall always be under the devils Yolk.

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