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The Signs Studying For Finals

the signs studying for finals

The Signs Studying For Finals

Aries: Working diligently and quickly, getting everything done but still not feeling A-worthy

Taurus: Studies for a while, talks for a while, studies for a while, states into space for a while

Gemini: Studies hard but is constantly groaning and cursing life

Cancer: Tries to study but gets so nervous about studying and the actual test that they don’t really study

Leo: Thinks they don’t need to study so they just kind of goof off and decide to wing it

Virgo: Terases entire page of notes because their handwriting didn’t look good

Libra: Studying??? lol???? what’s that???

Scorpio: Distracting everyone by making them laugh and cracking jokes

Sagittarius: Trying to work, but gets distracted every by talking to people

Capricorn: So focused on the paper that the whole goddamn world could explode and they would still be memorizing what asymptotes are

Aquarius: Studying for a while but gets distracted by Scorpio and engages in strange humor talk

Pisces: Actually tries but eventually finds their sketchbook and starts drawing pepe to perfection


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