The Puzzle Of Life Is Never Complete

The Puzzle Of Life Is Never Complete
Richa Lal

The puzzle of life
is never complete.
there’s always
a missing piece to it.


Sulekha Pande

Sometimes it's better
to leave some spaces empty,
than filling them
with ill-fitting pieces,
when the time is right,
and the calling is might,
your soulmate will appear,
and fill the gap alright...



Happy Honey

Waiting for THE ONE
who fits in and completes (me)



Steve Ganz

It's always the small pieces
that make the big picture.



Ceona Chambers

Since you left,
there's an emptiness beside me
that no one else can fill.



Sherry Greene

So blue.
I sit alone
Knowing something's missing.
But what?
A missing piece.
I am the puzzle.



Debra Pry

You don't need anything
to make you complete
because you are complete.



MJ Roque

I have all my pieces
except you.



Tanu Malhotra

Awaiting my missing piece,
to complete my tiny tale.

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