The Choices We Make Are The Choices We Suffer

The Choices We Make Are The Choices We Suffer
Monica Valenzuela

The choices we make
are the choices we suffer.


Sherry Greene

Brain sucked dry
As time goes by
Sitting on the bum
Nothing gets done


Karthik Parthasarathy

Love what you do at work,
Never would you be tired at the day's end.
Anything done just as a work,
Never would you be able to see the day through.
Follow your instinct, Follow your passion,
The charge that will juice your battery.



Rajeev K Singh

Unplug your mind & body
Connect to your soul,
and flow with the time
This is for what you have been born.


Rinku Shah

Don’t make work such a task
Need help? Just ask.
Work should be fun,
Not like a load weighing a ton!


Rinku Shah

You’re not a machine,
Get off the screen.
Need a break?
Go ahead and take!


John Doolan

Take a break
and recharge your mind.


Archana Gupta

We are the slaves of our own creation,
man and machine no combination!



Han Na

Love your work
but know how to love
more of yourself

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