Talking to an Old Friend

Have you felt this too ? A feeling both good yet bad at the same time.
Dedicated to all those friends who sparkle shine in Memories

11 thoughts on “Talking to an Old Friend”

  1. Every year. Happy Birthday Sis. Known her since we were 16 years old in high school. Today, she is 56 years old. Each year we remember and I am reminded how much over the years and through adulthood how our lives have differed. Yet, we laugh as we remember how naive we used to be and how we imagined our lives.

  2. I'm not me, you're not you, and you're not me;

    And yet I'm me, you're you, and you are me.
    Beauty of Khotan, I am this because of you:

    Confused if I am you, or you are me. 😀
    Rumi <3

  3. I also think that talking to an old friend can also see just how much you have gotten closer or have drifted apart from each other too. Not everyone is meant to be in every chapter of your life. Sometimes they are here only for a season.

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