Students and Superstitions

Superstitions are prevalent in society even though there are advancements in science and modernization. Studies conducted on students by the American Psychological Association showed that more than half of them had superstitious beliefs while others practiced or believed in them earlier. What makes students be superstitious? Their reasons vary between different genders, but the common one is on exam good luck. Their superstition information is gained in various ways leading to their beliefs. Below are various reasons:

Causes Of The Superstitions

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Fear Of Examinations

Exam phobia is the main reason because of unpreparedness, numerous tasks, and quests for higher grades. Although some students purchase term papers, others resort to various superstitious practices to ameliorate their performance. However, one can buy term papers online and work on other tasks including the ones for the exams. Here, custom papers will be available from skilled writers whose expertise will discredit such fear hence justifying proper preparation and skills for exam good luck.


Previous Experiences

Some students attribute certain lucky experiences, albeit serendipitous, to superstitious beliefs. For example, one can get higher performance in a given examination and attribute that to a certain cloth worn at the time. Some can attribute success in a test to a friend whom they spend time with before exam time.


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Most superstitions have been inherited from ancestors and reign in society despite the advent of science and technology. Some stories created by parents or grandparents can have a long-lasting impression on their children if they incorporate such beliefs.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

This is a mental disorder involving intrusive thoughts that lead to repetitive actions that the students may engage in to curb exam blues. Though they emanate from within an individual, the actions form beliefs that one will try to utilize as perceived remedies.



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