Sleeping With The Zodiac Signs

Sleeping With the Zodiac Signs

Sleeping With The Zodiac Signs

Aries: They fall asleep before you and their hand just flops on your face

Taurus: Snatches your pillow while you sleep to add it to their pillow house

Gemini: Your just about to fall asleep and then they suddenly kick you off the bed rip

Cancer: Sleeping very close to you while hugging a big pillow

Leo: Takes up all of the blanket but then kicks it off so now neither of you have it

Virgo: Stays in their little corner while you fall asleep but you wake up in their arms

Libra: Hugs you very tightly while dreaming

Scorpio: Curled up facing unit feels like they’re watching you breathe (they are)

Sagittarius: Takes up 11/12th of the bed but holds you so you don’t fall off

Capricorn: Sleeps with their back against you but they’re so close, you can feel them breathe

Aquarius: Gets up in the middle of the night to go make you a pancake

Pisces: Puts their leg on top of you so they feel safe

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