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Signs That You Are Empathic

Signs that you are Empathic

Signs that you are Empathic

  • You cry when others cry.
  • You feed off of others energy.
  • You worry about what others think of you.
  • You feel everything deeply.
  • Friends often ask you for advice.
  • You have many highs and lows.
  • You pick up on vibes instantly.
  • Natural Healer.
  • Social situations leave you physically drained.
  • You treat your pets like humans.
  • Highly sensitive.
  • Your emotions have made you physically ill.
  • Put others needs above your own.
  • Your love is over the top.
  • Human lie detector.
  • You prefer deep conversations over small talk.
  • Overthinking everything.
  • The news is painful to watch.
  • You absorb emotions.
  • You’re a great listener.
  • Commercials make you cry.

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