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Short And Sweet: A Four Word Description Of Each Zodiac Sign

short and sweet a four word description of each zodiac sign

Short And Sweet: A Four Word Description

Aries: Firebrand eyes, Sharp tongue

Taurus: Soft poise, Doe-eyed

Gemini: Foxy expression, Quick smile

Cancer: Sweet-faced, Moonlit gaze

Leo: Noble features, Lithe-bodied

Virgo: Keen eyes, Silver-tongued

Libra: Enchanting grin, Honeyed voice

Scorpio: Magnetic stare, Captivating aura

Sagittarius: Bright eyes, Smart mouth

Capricorn: Undaunted glare, Tenacious demeanor

Aquarius: Calculating eyes, Lively smirk

Pisces: Illusory presence, Chiming laugh

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