Recharge your heart Recharge your mind

Elijah Johnson 
Recharge your heart
Recharge your mind
The key to life
Is balance you’ll find.
Rinku Shah 

Heart vs. Head
The eternal dilemma!
Heavy heart or weak mind
Strong mind or fragile heart
I suggest Alternating current,
Both need attention and it’s urgent.
What I know vs. What I feel
The perennial debate!

Karthik Parthasarathy 

Heart or brain,
Which one to plug in?
Huge question to ponder,
There is no straight answer.
Situation is the key,
To decide which one it’s going to be.
Select the right one,
Half the battle is already won.

Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

If the brain and the heart had electrical cords
And there was only one outlet around.
I’d plug in my heart and be not all that smart
‘Cause love makes the world go around.

Shruti Ramesh 

There is one shine, brighten both,
Use the source and take the oath.
To never leave the two unattended,
And to plug in whichever feels offended.

Michael Hodder 

If the source is external, 
who’s in control?

Bharti Tudu 

Heart and Brain 
can’t go together

Shibatosh Kar 

Reasons and Emotions,
Can’t go together.
You have to chose,
Either of the hands,
Over the other.

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