Wise Pick For 9 November

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Wise Pick For 9 NovemberVyvienne Chamberlain
Scared and vulnerable
inside my head,
I face each day
in fear and dread.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberPriya Jacob
Vulnerability encapsulated
in a hard shell
moulded for society.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberKim DeCocco-Sharon
You can never truly see clearly
until you break free
the fears of your mind.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberLisa Hammock
Inside is not
what shows outside.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberOuafaa Fares
Prisoners of our
own fears and insecurities.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
Mental fear is the
biggest oppression
in one’s life.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberCynthia Shifflet
Sometimes we are scared deep
within our own minds.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberSulekha Pande
There’s a scared little being
at the back of my mind,
scared of the world
that has been very unkind.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberMai Quesada
My perception of my own self.
I am a prisoner of my
own fears and insecurities.
Must let them off
to present a better me.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberMartha Mandaric
There’s a little bit of
fear and doubt in each of us.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberRational Akrofi Akuffo
We create our own fears
with which
we terrify our thoughts.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberPayal Kantharia
Don’t let any fears of the world
lock up your mind.
Be open and find solutions
to face the world.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberDianna Jacobs
Everyone has something
they fear,
that they hide inside their head.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberShilpika Bagh
Let mind be free of ‘fear’;
for life ‘vision’ to be clear

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberDianah Mumbeja
Caged and tormented
by our thoughts.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberAnisha
Me scared inside
but fierce outside.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberNidhi Dhamecha
Inside every person
you know,
there is a person
you don’t know.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberSuz
The little vulnerable voice
inside your head.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberAndrea fisher
Inside the mind,
is a lonely man.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberLovely Laney
inside your own head.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberJulie Ryderis Carnelly
The outward appearance
never portrays the real you.

Wise Pick For 9 NovemberNicqelle L Hessick
Being inside your mind
is the loneliest place to be.

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