Wise Pick For 8 February

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 8 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryNc Dash
The child is torn apart
when the parents part.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryBarbara Bauer

Do not pull me in two directions.
There are two of you
and only one of me.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryIlda Coelho

Don’t let anyone take you
by the hand to a decision
that it is only yours to make

Wise Pick For 8 FebruarySarita Khullar

Divorce might give you independence,
but it tears your children apart.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryJudy Abiera

Broken Home,
Broken Life, Broken Dreams.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryMonica A. Lopez

Don’t tear your child apart.
It’s not the child’s fault.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruarySherry Greene

The oversized egos of both of you
Has ripped your child apart in two.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryRinku Shah

Don’t tear your child apart.
Please use your heart.
Adults should keep children
out of their fight,
Don’t use children to feel right!

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryAnjana Surendran

Fractured thoughts and loveless soul
is what divorced parents can carve out

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryLisa Leahy

The arms of children
are not built to carry the burden
of their parents’ problems.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryFaith Dunsmuir

The love of a child should not
be a cause for competition.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryPriya Washikar

Between your You or Me.
you forget that
all I ever wanted is ‘We’.!

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryLisa Dutkiewicz

The separation of the parents
causes the separation
of the child’s heart and mind.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

Tugging at the heartstrings of a child
divides more than just love.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryShubha Bhandarkar

The world you created together
with love and care,
Bears the brunt of your separation
and grows in despair.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryDavid Chapman
The cruelty of divorce
is to pull the children
in both directions
and ignoring their feelings.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

You both made a “choice”;
leaving me with “none”.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryJen Jen

In the world of separation
The only thing that is certain-
a destroyed moral
and being of an innocent child.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryVyvienne Chamberlain

If they have to choose,
you both will lose.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryPayal Monga

Torn apart in the dilemma
of -individual perspectives,
rights vs wrongs or just plain ego!
Don’t make your children
your battleground!!

Wise Pick For 8 FebruarySulekha Pande

Love your child
with all your heart,
Don’t allow your ego,
To rip them apart.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryBeena Baburajan

Stop this Parenting Tug of War.
Crushing the child’s spirit.
Falling back on your egos.
Whoever wins, loses!

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryPam Schaffer

I am not your … “mine”.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryLinda Bailey

Tug of war is a game.
Children are not.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryDhanushi Nimavat

“WE”, not triumphing over “ME”.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryEliza Smith

Don’t ask your child to choose sides,
they are equal parts of you both
and don’t want to divide their loyalty.

Wise Pick For 8 FebruaryJahnveeTheSeekingSoul

Torn between two worlds,
He struggled to find an identity.


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