Wise Pick For 4 September

wise pic 7sep


wise pic 7sep1Jackie De Klerk
You are only as stuck as you believe to be.


wise pic 7sep2Debra Pry
When the bond is strong,
You shouldn’t feel like a prisoner


wise pic 7sep3Rinku Shah
It’s a union of two souls,
Where each one remains a whole.
If you think it’s servitude…
Before the vows please review your attitude

wise pic 7sep4

Frances McCabe
We are totally committed to each other
not bound together with chains

wise pic 7sep5

Madhavrao Sanap
Wedding rings are not handcuffs
but are symbols of togetherness
and strength of love.

wise pic 7sep6

Leta Marie DeMello
Love is not made of shackles.
Await the one who sets your soul free;
this is where you’ll find forever.

wise pic 7sep7

Shilpika Bagh
A “symbol” of love or “shackles” for life;
need to be wise when making that choice

wise pic 7sep8

Joe Rodgers
True love begins with
an unbreakable commitment
and together they create a chain
that links them for eternity

wise pic 7sep9

Imelda R. Garcia
Wedding rings are a symbol of unity,
not of captivity

wise pic 7sep10

Badet Laya
Locked up by vows of love and commitment.

wise pic 7sep11

Faith Dunsmuir
The vows we make
create a bond that won’t break

wise pic 7sep12

Carina Saals
Eternally interlinked
by our wedding bands,
kept captive by our vows

wise pic 7sep13

Pauline Ebijimi
Ring is like a cage,
be careful with whom you chose
to spend the rest of your life with.

wise pic 7sep14

Sulekha Pande
Bond or bondage?

wise pic 7sep15

Meghan Tzilves
Shackles of love

wise pic 7sep16

Love or freedom? Choice is yours.

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