Wise Pick For 3 October

wise pick 6 sep

wise pick 6 sep1Mai Quesada
Be not so greedy
with what you have.
Not to wallow in excess.
Bear in mind others have nothing.
They can only dream
of what they can be,
shared of
by some generous hearts.

wise pick 6 sep2Preksha Agrawal
Poor are the prisoners
of their own imagination
unable to achieve anything.
On the contrary for rich,
imagination and achievement
goes hand in hand

wise pick 6 sep3Leta Marie DeMello
The Sad Truth:
Some will only
be able to dream
of what many of us
take for granted.
Practice gratitude.

wise pick 6 sep4Nc Dash
Earth is a land
of a strange paradox.
Some roll in luxury and others reel in poverty.
Let them share the pleasure
of giving to the have-not.

wise pick 6 sep5Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
The less fortunate
hunger and lie in need,
While the fortunate
wallow in excess and greed.

wise pick 6 sep6Beena Baburajan
Mindless gluttony
in sad contrast
with starved
and wishful cravings.
A brutal paradox of society.

wise pick 6 sep7Shana Pascoe
Well-fed men
dine on the dreams
of others all too many times.

wise pick 6 sep8Debra Pry
One man’s greed,
is another man’s need.

wise pick 6 sep9Doris Bell Graves
The devouring of dreams.

wise pick 6 sep10Manmeet Kaur 
The rich
using the poor
and stealing their desires
to fill up their own stomachs.

wise pick 6 sep11James 
Don’t let others
eat away at your dreams.

wise pick 6 sep12Chaithanya
Stealing others’ happiness
and needs
will never make you happier.

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