Wise Pick For 29 September

wise pick 2oct

wise pick 2oct1Sarrveshwaran
It’s not the world she saw, but the art she felt.

wise pick 2oct2Suz
Art lives in our mind’s eye

wise pick 2oct3May Gregorio Demafiles
A kaleidoscope world is seen through the eyes of one with innocent mind.

wise pick 2oct4Praveen Kulkarni
Open the window of your mind to the vibrant colors of the Universe

wise pick 2oct5Debra Pry
She was art,
Creativity flowed through her veins.
The world was her canvas,
And her Madness,
Became the masterpiece.

wise pick 2oct6Sulekha Pande
There’s beauty everywhere,
all you need is the vision.

wise pick 2oct7Sherry Greene
There’s a world beyond this window,
With color and movement and lights,
And once I crawl over this windowsill
I’ll partake of these earthly delights.

wise pick 2oct8Rinku Shah
If your mind is descriptive,
And have the right perspective.
You can feel light…
Watching the starry night!

wise pick 2oct9Faith Dunsmuir
Among the darkness, she saw a vision of beauty, a whirly, swirly canvas of love and light.

wise pick 2oct10DrMadhavrao Sanap
So much of our perception about the outer world depends upon how we choose to look at the world.

wise pick 2oct11Siony Benemerito McCor
The sky is the canvas of her heart’s expression,
Her eyes are the window of her soul.

wise pick 2oct12Beena Baburajan
A window to an Artist’s expressions!
Master strokes of Perfection!
She was the chosen one…
By “The Artist”…..
To glimpse one of “His” infinite expressions…..
That distilled in her veins…
In these moments of stillness…
And manifested through her creativity and art.

wise pick 2oct13Ashok Pande
Looking at a picture-perfect world,
With rosy-tinted glasses,
We fail to perceive,
It’s imperfections, injustices & pain.

wise pick 2oct14Felicia Renteria-Holmes
Her mind offered a colorful escape from the darkness that surrounded her.

wise pick 2oct15Bob Dee
Close your eyes, open the windows, view the world from a different perspective and get lost in it.

wise pick 2oct16Shilpika Bagh
Life is like a “canvas”; make it “colorful” with what you have.

wise pick 2oct17Nourhan Ibrahim
The journey is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes

wise pick 2oct18Pauline Ebijimi
There is a world out there that’s yet to be discovered and to be unraveled.

wise pick 2oct19Ashish Verma
Beautiful souls have the ability to see beauty all around, through their imagination.

wise pick 2oct20Charmaine DeSouza
The window to your hopes and dreams is the window to your soul!

wise pick 2oct21Rivi Verma
The world seems as mysterious and grand as you can think of!

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