Wise Pick For 28 September

wise pick 1oct

wise pick 1oct1Sulekha Pande
Unlock the messy knots,
with the key of your thoughts

wise pick 1oct2Kim DeCocco-Sharon
You alone hold the key to your mindset
Don’t let your thoughts get twisted.

wise pick1oc3Sherry Greene
Very deep inside of you
A key to heart and soul.
It’s yours to choose to use
And make yourself whole.
I know you want me to help
But only you can turn that key,
So take that step and lift your hand.
Only you can set your heart free.

wise pick 1oct4Grace A. Comia
Entangled thoughts hold the key to a confused soul. Once the knots are straightened out, will the mind gain clarity.

wise pick 1oct5Siony Benemerito McCor
A mesh of conflicting thoughts is tying up a huge space in the memory,
It locked down the happiness,
When heart is unwilling to forgive.

wise pick 1oct6Rachel Brady
With a turn in the right direction of one’s midset the options are endless. Open the mind to what seems impossible and out of reach you’ll be glad you opened the door

wise pick 1oct7Leta Marie DeMello
When you are able to unlock suppressed memories and work through the pain, you will have found the key to a life of fulfillment and happiness.

wise pick 1oct8Sylvia Cohen
This ever constant wincing and wrenching turmoil in my brain keeps me a prisoner of my soul robbing me of the joyful creative future I so yearn for.

wise pick 1oct9Rinku Shah
The thoughts that lock you,
Hold the key to liberate you.
Juxtaposed with each other
Look no further!

wise pick 1oct10Nichole Catherine Lewis
Inside work on ourselves is the key to unlocking the beautiful possibilities of mind, body, heart, and soul.

wise pick 1oct11Beena Baburajan
The key is your own thoughts!
To open is to unlock those knots!

wise pick 1oct12Carol Wagoner
The key to success is an open mind and a kind heart!

wise pick 1oct13Ashish Verma
The key to unlock chaotic thoughts lies within. Use it wisely and attain peace of mind.

wise pick 1oct14Shilpika Bagh
Relax and “unwind”; is “key” for your mind.

wise pick 1oct15Karen Law Cochran
The brain is the key to the heart

wise pick 1oct16Preeti Menon
Unlock your heart with a mindful key.

wise pick 1oct17Sarrveshwaran
For every confusion in the mind, there is a solution in the heart

wise pick 1oct18Bob Dee
Only you hold the key to your complexities within.

wise pick 1oct19Wayne Kelley
Locked inside your self imposed prison with the key hidden deep inside

wise pick 1oct20Lenie Palm
Your thoughts are the key to your reality.

wise pick 1oct21Poetry Collection
The Key always lay within.

wise pick 1oct22Joy_ogunyomi
The brain can either lock the heart or unlock it

wise pick 1oct23NICKY
A healthy mind is the key to a healthy body

wise pick 1oct24Brooke Smith
Our mind is the key to our life.

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