Wise Pick For 27 September

wise pick 30 sep

wise pick 30 sep1Jackie Zedalis
I walk forward in life
on a line of my own design.

wise pick 30 sep2Siony Benemerito McCor
As we travel through life
and its uncertainty,
the best guide we have
is our own intuition,
with the power of our own
free will and determination.

wise pick 30 sep3Cjkheens M Desierto
We are the engineers of our life,
We draw and write
the things for our future.

wise pick 30 sep4Ashok Pande
The fine line we draw,
is our dedication,
to walk the straight path,
of integrity but
in order to do that,
we have to
walk the walk,
when we talk the talk.

wise pick 30 sep5Dianna Jacobs
Everyone has the right
to walk the line
that they creatively design.

wise pick 30 sep6Carina Saals
You set the direction
of your life
toward your dream
through what you do.

wise pick 30 sep7Beena Baburajan
Blind to every distraction
but your own guiding intuition.
Walk that line,
it’s a gift so fine.

wise pick 30 sep8Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
With God’s direction
and our willingness to follow,
we set our true path.
Walk it straight through
or fall astray
and deal with its aftermath.

wise pick 30 sep9Beena Baburajan
When you close your eyes
to everything around
and listen deeply
to your inner sound,
you pave a straight
path of your own
with no detour or crooked turn

wise pick 30 sep10Gina Marino-Vitiello
When writing the next chapter,
make sure
you’re the one
holding the pencil.

wise pick 30 sep11Debra Pry
I create my own world.
Good or bad,
I Walk the Line.

wise pick 30 sep12Jedna Lavica
One who has
a clear drawn down vision
of his own path,
is able to follow it
with his eyes closed.

wise pick 30 sep13Thistle
When you feel
that your life has no direction,
draw your path
and go on your journey.

wise pick 30 sep14Anurag Srivastava
The true road to success
is the one built by knowledge.

wise pick 30 sep15susan battell:
We all need to learn
to draw a line
in order to move forward.

wise pick 30 sep16diya soni
We pen our own history.

wise pick 30 sep17muskan moolchandani:
Only you can draw
your line of success for you.

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