Wise Pick For 27 May

Faisal Ibn Hassan

We are the igniters
to our own destruction.

Kangan Monga

Smoking is a
ticking bomb heading
to blow your heart up.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

what we intake,
is often
a big mistake.

Bob Dee 

Smoking makes
you a walking
time bomb.

Srividya Bharatrajan 

Watch your words.
The boneless tongue
is capable of
wreaking havoc
for generations
when it becomes
explosive in nature.

Sripriya Satish 

Substance abuse and
verbal abuse leads to
toxicity of mind and soul.

Darryl Tombleson 

Life is a
time bomb of choice,
ignite your fuse
with positivity or abuse.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Habits over time
have left me emaciated,
but playing with a
time bomb
keeps me fascinated.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Until my body
will self implode,
my deviances
continue to explode.

Beena Baburajan 

What you need
to spark is your grey mater.
To stop abusing
your self with dark matter.

Jackie De Klerk 

With the
light of each cigarette,
the fuse is getting shorter.
The fuse damages
everything in its path
and finally causes
an irreparable destruction
within the lungs.

Phyllis Snider Boyer 

Our tendency
to self-destruct
is fueled by our
lack of self-compassion.

Rituporna Dasgupta 

We are responsible
for our own self destruction.

Mary Kirkpatrick 

Lighting this smoking fuse
is a form of self abuse

Dannielle Roberts 

I am the creator
of my own ticking bomb.

Sentimental stories 

Is the cigarette
smoking you or
are you smoking it?
Time will decide.

Ilda Coelho 

Passive aggressive
way of suicide.

Kamlesh Bhasin 

Smoking warnings ignored
or not heeded in time
leads towards disaster
for self health,
others health &
for environment.


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