Wise Pick For 27 August


wisepick 30 aug1


Harness life’s storm
and ride it out.



wisepick 30 aug2

Imelda R. Garcia

Hold on during the darkest of storms
and they will pass into brighter days.



wisepick 30 aug3

Lisa Dutkiewicz

We all have our own struggles
but don’t let your dark clouds
rain down on you.



wisepick 30 aug4

Sulekha Pande

Pull the darkest of the clouds down,
drench yourself in the rain
to put on the crown.



wisepick 30 aug5

Rinku Shah

Whether rain or shine,
I know I’ll be fine.
I am responsible for what I feel.
Not the spinning of the weather wheel.



wisepick 30 aug6

Carmen Flick

It takes great courage
to work through the storm,
and even greater to weather together.



wisepick 30 aug7

Mai Quesada

The storms of life
make one stronger and courageous
to go on living!
Don’t quit!
Hold on and keep going!



wisepick 30 aug8

Sherilyn Campbell

Learn to play
in the rain happily
and every sunny day
will be a spectacular adventure.



wisepick 30 aug9

Leta Marie DeMello

If you can learn
to play in a storm,
you will have already conquered
any hardships to come.



wisepick 30 aug10

Debra Pry

Cloudy days won’t last,
so create your own sunshine.



wisepick 30 aug11

Ashish Verma

When hopes are high and root is firm,
Even the darkest of clouds
can’t stay for long-term.



wisepick 30 aug12

Shilpika Bagh

Hold on to that rope of “hope;
for even the darkest clouds
“disappear” after the downpour.



wisepick 30 aug13

Claudine Heytens

Welcome every experience in your life,
including the dark ones.
They feed your growth!



wisepick 30 aug14

Linda Mansolf

Embrace each day
even through the rainy days
It will make you
appreciate the sunny ones more.



wisepick 30 aug15

Sherry Greene

If in every life
the rain must fall
Perhaps we should learn
to embrace it all.
Let those cloud-tears pound today,
tomorrow drag them all away.



wisepick 30 aug16

Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman

Harness the storms
in your life and take charge.



wisepick 30 aug17

Byanjeru Sharon

Hang in there
the storm will soon be over
and a rainbow of joy will appear.



wisepick 30 aug18

Chinhita Bose

Pull down the dark clouds
And bring the rain
Let nothing dampen your spirit
Bear every pain.



wisepick 30 aug19

Ant Wilkes

It’s only a dull day
if you let negativity
cloud the way.



wisepick 30 aug20

Felicia Renteria-Holmes

When you try to control the storm,
you only tie yourself to dark clouds.



wisepick 30 aug21

Sandy Rozelman

You drag your doom and gloom
wherever you go.



wisepick 30 aug22

Monica Mishra

The storms of your life
will always try to control you;
the key is how you control the storm
and sail towards your destination.



wisepick 30 aug23

Ashley Arnold

Don’t hold on to
the dark cloud that follows you.
Let it go,
free your self.



wisepick 30 aug24

Maria Gonzalez

Master the storm.



wisepick 30 aug25


To capture the silver lining
you have to pull it
through the storm.



wisepick 30 aug26


Why not harness the power
that the storm brings
and redirect that energy into your strength.

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