Wise Pick For 26 August


wise pick 27 aug1

Amanda Seerane

Not every plug is your fit.



wise pick 27 aug2

Wayne Kelley

Not everyone
is a compatible match.



wise pick 27 aug3

Jill Chua

Don’t force it
when it doesn’t fit!



wise pick 27 aug4

Sulekha Pande

When the fittings are wrong,
don’t try plugging in.



wise pick 27 aug5

Jervayz Brown

The importance of mental compatibility
in the pursuit of the perfect relationship.



wise pick 27 aug6

Armando Dasigo Baria

A sincere relationship
will accept an adapter
to connect and resolve
our differences.
Love fits.



wise pick 27 aug7

Lisa Dutkiewicz

Everyone will not be
the perfect fit
but you will eventually
find the perfect connection.



wise pick 27 aug8

Shilpika Bagh

Sometimes “looking” for a best fit;
may “miss” the best of it.



wise pick 27 aug9

Brandon Allan Awalt

Without a mental connection,
a relationship will only be skin deep.



wise pick 27 aug10

Jude Stewart

True love plugs straight in & flows,
remember not to force
what doesn’t fit.



wise pick 27 aug11

Wendy Weinkauf

I would do everything
within my power
to give you what you need,
but my everything
is not what you need.



wise pick 27 aug12

Juhi Srivastava

Don’t force yourself
to fit in a place
where u don’t belong.



wise pick 27 aug13

Stefanie Garcia Eugenio

We met
but we’re not for each other.



wise pick 27 aug14

Jamie Clifford

The bodies don’t matter
if the minds don’t fit together.



wise pick 27 aug15

Leta Marie DeMello

True love and intimacy
cannot be created
without first finding compatibility and connection.
Anything short,
is simply shared time.



wise pick 27 aug16


Same energy, different connection.



wise pick 27 aug17

Alonso Vargas Ramírez

We connect at different levels.



wise pick 27 aug18


It will never fit even if you try.



wise pick 27 aug19

Varsha Raman

Relationships are like electric connections.
The wrong ones will shock you,
but the right ones will light up your life.



wise pick 27 aug20


Comparing a minimal fit to compatibility
and surrendering to fakeness
reduced oneself to nothing.



wise pick 27 aug21

jessica sarkis

Forced connection
will never work,
no matter how much
you want it to.

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