Wise Pick For 24 August


wise pick 27 aug1

Maya Thorpe

Fear is only as deep
as the mind allows it to be.



wise pick 27 aug2

Gennie Gahuman Serna

Don’t let the world drown you.



wise pick 27 aug3

Lisa Dutkiewicz

Sinking deeper
to the depths of our despair.



wise pick 27 aug4

Janet Griffon

“The choice is yours ”
Sink or Swim.



wise pick 27 aug5

Sulekha Pande

No sorrow is deeper
than your own thoughts.



wise pick 27 aug6

Renny Ninnie

Our problems are not bigger than us,
but because of our thinking abilities,
we tend to make them bigger.



wise pick 27 aug7

Rinku Shah

If you can drown in the shallow,
There’s no hope for you fellow.
Sit up straight.
Don’t just wallow and wait.



wise pick 27 aug8

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

You alone are the only one
that can save your drowning mind
from endless thoughts.



wise pick 27 aug9

Annette Hawkins

Don’t let your fears and worries
drag you under.
Take a deep breath and relax.



wise pick 27 aug10

Nc Dash
A plunge into grief drives
one deeper than ever.



wise pick 27 aug11

Charmaine DeSouza

You might think you’re drowning
but you’re not.
All you got to do
is just keep swimming and
you’ll stay afloat.



wise pick 27 aug12

Siony Benemerito McCor

Life has no life jacket.
Swim at your on risk.



wise pick 27 aug13

Pauline Ebijimi

Everybody is drowning from something.
It’s only you
that can save yourself
against it.



wise pick 27 aug14

Leta Marie DeMello

If you live in fear,
you’ll always sink in the grief
of what could have been.



wise pick 27 aug15

Cory Cook

Things are never
as bad as they appear
on the surface.



wise pick 27 aug16

Shilpika Bagh

Don’t let those problems
be larger than “life”;
always find a way to “survive”.



wise pick 27 aug17

Biplab Mohapatra

Thinking too much
will not help you getting out,
stop thinking
and start finding way out.



wise pick 27 aug18

Pelumi Samuel

Don’t hold on to yourself,
always speak out
when you need help.



wise pick 27 aug19

Sujit Das

We keep dying everyday
if we are dead from inside.

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