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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 23 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryMary Kirkpatrick
Defying death is the trick of the trade,
so I will give my doctor some aid.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryVyvienne Chamberlain

Assisting the surgeon in the fight
for life as not ready to go just yet.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryJudy Abiera

Every single second is valuable
in a life and death situation.
While we lay down helpless and unconscious
Our doctor fights for us against grim ripper

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryJean Jackson

Reach out to your doctor
before your health gets bad
so you won’t have to reach out for him
when your life depends on it

Wise Pick For 23 FebruarySarita Khullar

Angels in the form of doctors
help you to overcome death.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryTanu Malhotra

Doctor on my side,
while I battle Demon Death.
Fighting hard, I, under the will-power armor,
and Doc with the weapon of spirit.
Demon Death says, “Yeah, Team Up You Two,
but whatever that happens is predestined,
so save the effort until next I meet you”.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryPoojarani Maharana

Dear doctor,
Be the physician for ‘MY SOUL’
in the battle of ‘LIFE & DEATH’.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryZuzana Mrkvickova

Willing to live is the greatest motivation.
The battle is yours.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryMo Nette

Someone is battling too
between your life & death situation,
you’re not alone at all.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryRinku Shah

Choose hope
it helps you cope.
So value every breath
till you embrace death!

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryMonica Anup Arora

In the battle between life and death,
the warrior always want to fight
till his last breath.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruarySurya Muthu

It’s your mindset that matters.
Even death can’t win you
if you battle with courage!

Wise Pick For 23 FebruarySagar Kumar

A Doctor can’t win you the Battle of Life
unless you prompt to live it,
and make an equal effort of winning it.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruarySayeeda Pearl

Bargaining for few more borrowed time,
Can technology triumph over destiny?

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryPam Schaffer

Your helping hand can assist your doctor
to confront your conflicting challenge
between life and death.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

Your chance for life is based on
whom you believe in.
The doctor or the angel of death.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryW LeRoy Davis

In the BIG Medical Fight,
how does the patient fight for their choice?

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryShubha Bhandarkar

Your inner strength and your will power,
Gives an upper hand to your doctor,
In saving your life from the grim reaper’s terror.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryCarolyn Bain

The Doctor and the Devil,
who wins this battle,
the patient who begs for life,
has little say!

Wise Pick For 23 Februaryispeakmymuses

Not soon he realised he was pulled back and forth
by life and death. He begged to stay.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryJesse James

I see a man pulling the doctors hand so death can win ,
so that he can finally rest and move on
instead of prolonging his pain and suffering

Wise Pick For 23 Februarylatteslettersandlife

When your life is at the verge of death,
hold on to life.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryS.priya

It’s your struggle between life and death,
it depends on you.
Who you let to win the bet.
Choose life and come along.
Hold the hands of saviour
to sing more birthday songs.

Wise Pick For 23 Februarysoumya shukla

The only way to survive the hard time
is to join hands with Hope & fight for life.

Wise Pick For 23 FebruaryMoustapha Geeman

Clinging onto life even when
death is inevitable


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