Wise Pick For 20 November

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 20 November. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberRoseann Danna Burger
In time we all wither away,
but our roots here to stay.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberShilpika Bagh
The experiences we hold
never wither
as we grow old.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberBetsy A Lipe
where you come from.
Your roots.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberAnne Noonan
Through the Winds of change
our knowledge and wisdom grows.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberSiony Benemerito McCor
Respect the elder branches
and follow their teachings.
They had faced
a thousand storms
but with their courage,
the family tree
is able to withstand
and bloom.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberRicha Tripathi
Ageing gracefully with time,
and growing wise
with experience
is the ultimate
law of nature.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberJacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
Wisdom comes with growth,
rooted and grounded
from each phase of life.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberZepha Hobley Williams
Wisdom and knowledge
is passed down
through the family tree.
Follow your roots

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberBeena Baburajan
A Tree holds
the wisdom of the ages.
A testimony
to the ancient laws of life.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberRoxana Miranda
To grow and develop;
that is the path
to our transformation.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberShawnda Drake
Tree of life,
bending with the storms
but rooted deeply
to withstand.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberNicky Djalilova
Just like the tree,
we age,
and die.
So enjoy your colorful days,
before they turn grey.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberDebbie Gurriere
To put your face
constantly into the wind,
you must have deep roots.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberMonica Anup Arora
Where the roots
of wisdom are strong,
no strongness of wind
can wipe it away.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberAkanksha Agrawal
Son, father and grandfather
are standing together
firmly and seeing
every up and down bravely.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberRicha Thakkar
You become
more wrinkled
when you face a storm.
And only
your resistance
to negativity
will cause
the perseverance
that make you
survive the Storm!

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberSulekha Pande
The changing faces
of the everchanging nature,
make us realize,
that nothing is permanent,
middle and old age,
are all as transient
as our problems.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberThompson Tomorrow’s Promise
As a tree bends
to the call of the wind
so does nature
on the wiles of youth:

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberBushrah Olaitan Isiaq
The storms we face
as we grow up
blew away the leaves
of our existence
but develop new branches
which hold
infinite knowledge about life.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberAnjana Surendran
Through ages in and out
gaze it beholds:
a look that confronts
depot of wisdom and vice

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberCecille S Trinidad
No winds of change
can uproot
what is planted
with strength and courage.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberPreeti Babbar
The tides of time
increase the branches
of wisdom.

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberGina Lazo
Growth only makes you

Wise Pick For 20 NovemberHARSHITA
Maturity has more
quintessential ripped branches
than the superfluous greenery
of young minds.

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