Wise Pick For 20 August

Wise Pick For 20 August

Wisepick 20 August1

Shilpika Bagh

Their little world is “silenced”;
with our disagreements and violence.


Wisepick 20 August2


You’ll destroy your creations.


Wisepick 20 August3


Rudy Scala

The anger you project to each other

goes in your children mind.


Wisepick 20 August4


Mary Kirkpatrick

Children’s ears are always listening.

Your anger becomes their acquisition.


Wisepick 20 August5


Sulekha Pande 

 Take a moment of pause,

don’t be the cause,

of damaging your child’s psyche’



Wisepick 20 August6


Lisa Dutkiewicz 

The parents that constantly fight

can harm the most precious piece

of the puzzle in the middle…the child.


Wisepick 20 August7


Cory Cook

The destructive forms of your mouths

forever shape the perception

in which they hear.


Wisepick 20 August8


Dianna Jacobs 

Children are listening

to everything their parents say,

and that defines a part of how they handle

the world of today.


Wisepick 20 August9


Ashish Verma

When parents argue,

it’s always an innocent that feels blue.


Wisepick 20 August10


Vyvienne Chamberlain

She sadly listens

to their recurring quarrels.

Don’t they realise?

Children imitate parental behaviour.


Wisepick 20 August11


Nc Dash 

Child is a helpless victim
to the warring parents.


Wisepick 20 August12


Sherry Greene

An angry couple fighting

A child caught between

A recipe for failing youth

Another angry teen

Another disappointed man

A life he did not glean

Another little boy is born

Another cycle is seen.


Wisepick 20 August13

M Jeyaram

Today’s victim of child abuse

is tomorrow’s antisocial.


Wisepick 20 August14


Glenys Houghton

That’s why

I wear headphones

all the time.


Wisepick 20 August15

Rinku Shah

Adults please fight,

when children are not in sight.

They remember more than we know,

which hampers the way they grow!


wisepick 20 august

Shirley Finley 

Tearing each other apart

is tearing the child apart.


Wisepick 20 August17

Leonard D. Saladino

Your rage is being stored

for future generation.


Wisepick 20 August18

Rahemeen Ali Khan 

Fighting with each other directly

but fighting with the innocent mind

of a child indirectly.


Wisepick 20 August19

Geetika Panwar

Don’t let the child

be the victim of your choice’s.


Wisepick 20 August20


Remember, what goes to the ear,

also reaches the heart.


Wisepick 20 August21


nina j

Never put the child

in the middle of your arguments

or ask them to choose sides.

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