Wise Pick For 18 August

Wise Pick 18 August

Wise Pick 18 August1

Keerthi M Anand:

Social media
snacks on our valuable time.

Wise Pick 18 August2

Mary Kirkpatrick

A diet of too much Facebook time,
deforms our body and our mind.

Wise Pick 18 August3

Sulekha Pande

It’s a timeless pit,
of social nit and grit,
the ceaseless hunger,
of the time hunter.

Wise Pick 18 August4

Cynthia Millentree

Time is the one thing
we can’t get back,
so let’s not let Facebook
eat it up!

Wise Pick 18 August5

Yerisha Moodley

the consumer of precious time.

Wise Pick 18 August6

Mainak Mukherjee

Favourite dish of Facebook
is our valuable time.

Wise Pick 18 August7

Jess Ramlal

The fb monster
devours the moments
of my life.

Wise Pick 18 August8

Joe Rodgers

Knowingly we feed our valuable time
to the ceaseless hunger
of social media.

Wise Pick 18 August9

Laira Margen

Social media
voraciously eats our time;
time that can never
be bought back.

Wise Pick 18 August10

Sherilyn Campbell

Social media
is taking
a big bite out of your day;
time you will never get back.

Wise Pick 18 August11

Srividya Bharatrajan

Facebook gobbles up
your precious time
and makes you addicted to it.
Use your time wisely

Wise Pick 18 August12

Raah Sun

Hidden face of facebook
is consuming
my treasure of time.

Wise Pick 18 August13

Nouri Ashour

Nothing like Facebook
to eat up every second
of your time.

Wise Pick 18 August14

Deirdre Madden

Facebook is eating our time.

Wise Pick 18 August15


Facebook: The Ultimate Devourer of Time.

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