Wise Pick For 17 October

wise pick 20oct

wise pick 20oct1Sherry Greene
Somewhere between,
we hope to find a heart.

wise pick 20oct2Lori Simmons
Get your head
out of your ass.

wise pick 20oct3

Felicia Renteria-Holmes
The most
important aspect of co-creating
is to share the same vision.

wise pick 20oct4
Willa Stock
Brain is for thinking,
Don’t use your ass
to do the same thing.

wise pick 20oct5Wayne Kelley
When you are
cultivating your brain,
try not to be an ass
at the same time.

wise pick 20oct6Amrita Mishra
Use positive thoughts as
chisel and hammer
to shape your brain.

wise pick 20oct7Phyllis Snider Boyer
As we chip away daily
at the erosion of our body and mind,
may our heart be
as strong as our tools.

wise pick 20oct8Ashok Pande
On a hindsight,
There is a difference between,
mindless hard work and
hard work with imagination.
Application along with
imagination is what
builds your creativity.

wise pick 20oct9Sayeeda Pearl
Each carve out
their own destiny.

wise pick 20oct10Logan Littau
When designing
the perfect being the wise
will sculpt the mind first-
fools sculpt the body.

wise pick 20oct11Noor Fatima
What you sow inside yourself
is seen in your efforts.
Your soul always look for it
be it immoral or legit.

wise pick 20oct12Shilpika Bagh
Some ‘carve’ to fold;
some ‘reveal’ the untold;
all that ‘matters’;
be creative to the ‘core’.

wise pick 20oct13Mary Kirkpatrick
When your brain is
bigger than your butt,
all your perceptions
become clearcut.

wise pick 20oct14Mai Quesada
Two perspectives
on how to go about life.
One starts at the top using his brain.
one starts at the bottom and
works his ass off.

wise pick 20oct15Bobbie Carpenter
Use your brain
to get your head
out of your ass.

wise pick 20oct16Catherine Niner
Butt or head-
which one are you
thinking from?

wise pick 20oct17Monika Surana
Keep your butt and head
in the same direction
to carve your way through life.

wise pick 20oct18Divya Jain
If you don’t feed your brain
with thoughtful
and constructive ideas,
the brain is as good as the

wise pick 20oct19Kristie Hanewinckel
When you
dig deeper into the
mind of people around you,
some will really start
to show their ass.

wise pick 20oct20Arlene Larocque Jones
Even a well-chiselled
mind can make an ass of oneself.

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