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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 17 January. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryFelicia Renteria-Holmes
The best thing we have to offer,
is the truth of who we are.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuarySharon Stahlhut

Can you remove your mask
so I can talk to the real you?

Wise Pick For 17 JanuarySherry Greene

Let’s drop our masks
And expose the real us.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuarySulekha Pande

Presenting the facade,
Through beautifully
Crafted masks.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryNc Dash

Unmasked we inch closer
to each other.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryMazin Faisal Al-Baldawi

Showing a suitable face
to match the case.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryDebra Pry

You were born unique.
Don’t change yourself to fit in.
Show me your true self…
That’s beauty.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryRinku Shah

Now that our masks have been pulled out,
We can be ourselves without a doubt!

Wise Pick For 17 JanuarySayeeda Pearl

Unveil the masks and bare your souls
before the beginning of the journey together

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryMary Cook

I give you my masks
and you give me yours
and together we can be ourselves.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryRational Akrofi Akuffo

In a bid to impress,
many mask themselves.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryDorothy Venious

Allowing ourselves to take off our mask,
we can see our true identity

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryAshish Verma

Remove your respective facades
and connect on a true level.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryAnjana Surendran

From reel to real they abandoned
behind all the masks to unite souls

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryCidney Aurora

May I present you the mask I wore
till I learned to trust you?

Wise Pick For 17 JanuarySarrveshwaran

You can’t have real connections
without taking off the mask.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryCatherine Lampkin

True love allows us
to remove our external shells
to reveal our inner souls.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryShilpika Bagh

Let’s “face” it;
than “fake” it.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryLife Coach

Masks off.
Showing up as we are
is so impactful.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryKellyFuller

Un-mask yourself
to release the hidden truths within,
expose the real you.

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryPCspeaks

You wore a mask. I learnt to wear it.
Now let’s face each other without.
Can we?

Wise Pick For 17 JanuaryMaxine Measles-Thomas

Social media friends.
Allow me to introduce
my fake persona to you.


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