Wise Pick For 16 October

wise pick 19oct

wise pick 19oct1Madhur Nangia
You are your own therapist.
It’s all there in your mind.

wise pick 19oct2Helene Heleen Helene
When your
overthinking brain is cracked,
you need a doctor for help
in repairing yourself
in order to learn to love others
once again.

wise pick 19oct3Rinku Shah
When your head is parched
and cracked with overthinking,
It needs time-out and love for healing.
Make yourself a priority,
It’s a necessity.

wise pick 19oct4Grace A. Comia
Curing the damages caused
to your fragile mind
is not to be taken lightly.
Arm it with love, integrity, and faith.
You have the power
to be in control of your being.

wise pick 19oct5David Chapman
If we neglect to nourish
our brain with knowledge,
it will eventually dry up
beyond repair.

wise pick 19oct12Maria Ferns
In search of peace, he couldn’t find.
Overthinking cracked his mind.
Medical assistance didn’t do the trick,
Love was the answer to get him rebuilt.

wise pick 19oct7Leta Marie DeMello
A broken mind is not healed
by masking the cracks;
a broken mind is healed through
the nourishment of a solid foundation.

wise pick 19oct8Sangeeta Dhindaw Vasishth
No cracks of the brain
can be healed.
So take care of your thoughts.
Feed with good thoughts
and stay blissful in present.

wise pick 19oct9Shweta Yadav
Wounded mind and soul
are difficult to obscure;
even doctor find it
difficult to cure.

wise pick 19oct10Ankit Pandey
A deep cut difficult to heal,
you are the only doctor
who can fill it with good thoughts.

wise pick 19oct11Mary Kirkpatrick
The abysmal damage
sowed upon our psyche,
requires healing
by our perceived Almighty.

wise pick 19oct12Noor Fatima
The thoughts linger on your mind
may cause damages like a landslide
dry and broken
by some words unspoken
healed and mended
by only self-love and compassion

wise pick 19oct13Shilpika Bagh
The ‘wounds’ of mind and soul;
are ‘hard’ to heal or close.

wise pick 19oct14Charmaine DeSouza
Think with an open mind
but don’t let it damage
your thinking.

wise pick 19oct15Debby Davison
Trying to heal the cracks
in my head
due to so many thoughts
in my life.

wise pick 19oct16Kathy Labossiere
A gap in our thinking
can lead to
a fracture of our thoughts.

wise pick 19oct17Martha Mandaric
A shattered mind can heal
with the help from those
around us who care.

wise pick 19oct18Salma
A broken mind
is hard to mend.

wise pick 19oct19Sweetu
You yourself
can fix your broken mind.

wise pick 19oct20Andrea fisher
A broken mind is
hard to fix.

wise pick 19oct21Rishika Chourasiya
root of all diseases.

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