Wise Pick For 15 February

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 15 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryCamille Silao Fabia
A man of service and kindness
is a reflection of hero,
enough to be praised.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryPriya Washikar

Her lovestruck eyes;the smitten gaze
For her he shall be a Superman always

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryJudy Abiera

It’s a great feeling
to see our man like a superhero
with his responsible deeds and action

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryAmrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

The refracted rays of superman powers
resides in every human being,
just a little bit of respect and diligence
for work will be the mirror of your deeds!

Wise Pick For 15 FebruarySiony Benemerito McCor

My love and admiration,
On every little things that you do,
For my eyes,
you are a reflection of a Superhero.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryImelda Correa Miñano

Not all Superheroes wear capes..
some are intangible.
Can be felt, touched by a pure heart
and can be seen only
through the eyes of a person
who truly loves and cares.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryRodienne Xerri

If you could only see the reflection
I have of you,
you would realize
what a superhero you are to me.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryAmrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

For every child, father is a Superman.
No matter what job
they do as the children view
via the prism of love and respect!
It’s just a perspective!

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryPhyllis Snider Boyer

If you but knew what others see in you,
perhaps you could perfect that image.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryAnjana Surendran

Eyes that promote and heart
that loves motivates a man
to be the best for his queen

Wise Pick For 15 FebruarySiony Benemerito McCor

When you do something right,
You are a Superman
in someone’s life.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryAnjana Surendran

Be it in thatch or in castle
a woman always finds a superman
in her soulmate

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryPayal Kantharia

Superhero is not the one
who can just fly with a mask on his face.
He can be anyone
who helps you to make your life easy.
Appreciate them!

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryNichole Catherine Lewis

A woman who loves a man,
she doesn’t see what your reflection shows,
she feels your soul, feels her hero,
her protector, she doesn’t see
what everyone else does,
you are her Superman.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryClive Allen

On reflection
she didn’t seek a super man
she just wanted a helpful kind
and considerate one.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryAmrita Raj

She looked at him with adoring eyes.
He suddenly felt as if he was Superman.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryJoy_ogunyomi

When the one you love
appreciate your little effort,
it makes you feel like a hero.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruarySteph

Real superheroes are made
by their actions
not by a flashy entrance.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruarySri Satya Kandula

You don’t have to do super things
to be a Superman;
simple acts out of love
are just equally fine!

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryHosik

It is only with the heart
that one can see their true self
which is unseen to the eye.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryKellyFuller

The hero in the mirror
is and always will be yourself,
you are so much more
than what you see.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryTopaz Ruby

We don’t always see
our own reflections,
but we are loved
for our selfless actions.

Wise Pick For 15 FebruaryMettle & Makeover

Every lady has
her superman in her father,
husband & boyfriend


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