Wise Pick For 15 August

Wise Pick For 15 August

Wise Pick 15 August1

Jack Koker

The burdens of life
grow heavier
with every passing year.

Wise Pick 15 August2

Sulekha Pande

Every person is a monument
of living history.
They carry a mountain of age,
experience and
an incredible amount of wisdom
to give to the society.

Wise Pick 15 August3

Kerry Phillips White

The years weigh upon my shoulders,
bending me closer to my Self.

Wise Pick 15 August5

Deborah Poff

The years of our journeys
weighs heavy
on our mind and body.

Wise Pick 15 August6

Rudy Scala

The weight of time,
may bend us over,
as we walk a little slower,
but still moving forward
with each step of time.

Wise Pick 15 August7

Richa Lal

The load we carry on our shoulders,
it’s the burden of memories
we have accumulated
over the years.

Wise Pick 15 August8

Nicky Djalilova

Before we know it
the years have accumulated
to our wears and tears of life.

Wise Pick 15 August9

Kim DeCocco-Sharon

We all have burdens in life.
But if you let them become weights,
you lose many years of happiness.

Wise Pick 15 August10

Deda Moe

As the years pass,
the end of the world
does not seem
like that big of a burden.

Wise Pick 15 August11

Shalini Joshi

Years of experience
on strong shoulders
make you more rooted
and humble.

Wise Pick 15 August12

Meghan Tzilves

Live in the present moment.
The past will only
weigh you down.

Wise Pick 15 August13

Soumil Basu Mullick

With great age
comes the great load
of memories of a lifetime.

Wise Pick 15 August14


The weight of years
will not always be a burden.
Keep moving.

Wise Pick 15 August15

Andrea fisher

‘The weight of years gone by’

Wise Pick 15 August16

Eugenia M

The years, they weigh us down as we age.

Wise Pick 15 August17


The weight of a lifetime.

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