Wise Pick For 12 December

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 12 December. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberPhyllis Snider Boyer
Some conversations need
a mutual connection to clear the air.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberSandy Rozelman

Unplug the voices
that steal your peace.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberJean Jackson

Sometimes we listen but we don’t hear.
We both have to want to plug in
to the same frequency to communicate.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberLynn Laveau Lund

Connect with an open mind
but always remain true
to your own beliefs and opinions.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberSulekha Pande

Try to bridge the gap,
Between a disconnected argument.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberAshish Verma

A proper connection
of the disconnected arguments
leads to fruitful results.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberShana Pascoe

Sometimes the problem
is in the connection.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberAmrita Raj

Sometimes you need to unplug
to find a better connection!

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberSurendra Mahindrakar

Be the soul who connects!

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberRational Akrofi Akuffo

Pull people away from conflict
and reconnect them.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberDivya Jain

A common force is needed
to make the unlike poles conjunct.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberFatima Shirazi

Be the connection between people
not distraction

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberJacqueline G

Connection is needed
if you want to hear each other!

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberM.O. Morehead-Armfield

Pulling the plug
on a volatile situation.

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberPraveen Kulkarni
Our communication
should connect us to each other

Wise Pick For 12 DecemberKarmao Dee

No relationship is healthy
without a connection.


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