Wise Pick For 11 October

wise pick 14sep

wise pick 14sep1Phyllis Snider Boyer
Our search for happiness
begins from within.
Cherish those
who know where to look.

wise pick 14sep2Kate Kidd
beyond the mask
to see
our inner child.

wise pick 14sep3Ashish Verma
A loving soul helps to
get rid of your sadness
and reveal your happy
inner child.

wise pick 14sep4Siony Benemerito McCor
Be with someone
who brings out the best in you.
Appreciate the hands
that reach out for you.
Take good care of that person
who brings out your inner child,
Respect that person
who brings out your carefree smiles.

wise pick 14sep5Rodienne Xerri
Let the people you love
unleash the inner child within you.
Because it has been buried for so long,
does not mean that such joy
and love cannot be felt again.

wise pick 14sep6Resh Sh
We all have
an inner child
that only a special soul
can see.

wise pick 14sep7Abhijit Mondal
Inside every sad person
there lies a beautiful happy child,
to be awakened.

wise pick 14sep8Amanda Snow
Release your inner child.
Your innocence and joy.
Remove the face of stress, worry
and sorrow;
if for only a moment, and remember
when you were last truly free.

wise pick 14sep9Rational Akrofi Akuffo
With the help of others
we can still discover
the innocent child in us
who still feel excited
in spite of all hardship.

wise pick 14sep10Shilpika Bagh
Looks can be ‘deceptive’;
knowing true self
can change the ‘perspective’.

wise pick 14sep11Jacquelyn C Burruss-Newman
If you look
close enough
you’ll see the little child
that still resides within me.

wise pick 14sep12Wayne Kelley
Inside everyone
is an inner child

wise pick 14sep13Ishu Aashish Garg
There is a child hidden
in every person,
just love can take him out.

wise pick 14sep14Bambi Na
There is a hidden child
inside of me;
if you only care
to uncover and see.

wise pick 14sep15Michael Hodder
Unlock his inner child
and receive its happiness.

wise pick 14sep16Lisa Dutkiewicz
Your projections
are not other people’s
true reflections.

wise pick 14sep17Amrita Mishra
With the growing age,
we often ignore the
‘inner child’
within us.

wise pick 14sep18Sherry Greene
Peel back
the grumpy face you see.
you’ll find the happier me.

wise pick 14sep19Lesley Prananto
Finding our
inner child.

wise pick 14sep20Catherine Munro
The child
behind the mask

wise pick 14sep21Ann Tan
There is an inner child
in every one of us.
Regardless of your age.
Take care of him or her.
And that’s one of the
best ways to love yourself.

wise pick 14sep22Suz
We all have
our inner child
within us.

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