Wise Pick For 10 February

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Wise picks for ‘Caption This’ image Published on 10 February. Click to read more selected captions submitted by our readers.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryPattee McAleenan
The chapters of one’s life
are written on your face.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryJeri Formanek

my story told on pages,
of a life led in stages.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryGlenn Herl

Emotions on your face
is like an open book.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryDebbie Bayliss

The face you see
may not be the real me.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryRod Giel Lyn

We are all like a book.
Every page of it speaks.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruarySharon Stahlhut

If you are a person
of integrity and honesty,
then your face will be easy to read.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryJudy Abiera

Our face is like a book,
where we uncover different emotions.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruarySulekha Pande

You can only see
the pages of my life,
That I choose to show.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryRinku Shah
The best way.
To know a person is not what they say.
Patiently read their face,
That gives you entry into their private space!

Wise Pick For 10 FebruarySherilyn Campbell

We each have enough stories
and pages in our lives to write a book.
The layers could be saved rather than shed.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryShilpika Bagh

As my life story “unfolds”;
“reveal” the pain it holds.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryLinda Westcott

Turning the pages
of the many faces we own.
The chapter of the book reflects
each moment in our lives
we are faced with.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryAmrita Lahiri Bhattacharya

The chapters of my
untiring charade of character
will be unending but the show must go on!

Wise Pick For 10 FebruarySiony Benemerito McCor

Never judge a book by its cover,
Read, and get to know the face
of the storyteller.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryReumah Yin

Life is like a book
there is a prologue and an epilogue.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryPriya Washikar

My life is an open book
is what many perceive.
Little do they know that
it’s what I choose to make them believe!

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryDebbie Gurriere

Our facial expressions
are like the pages of a book.
A page turns,
and another emotion is revealed.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryIsaura Islas

Be an open book;
one of the many ways
to express our thoughts.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruarySandi Sands

What you see, you think it’s me.
I lie between the lines,
Only a keen artist will find

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryPayal Monga

Years of learning masks our real self.
Unlearn to find yourself!

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryAnjana Surendran

Happiness is an occasional episode
in the general drama of life

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryNikita Vyas

Behind every successful face
is a story of struggle
that no one reads.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryJacquelyn C Burruss-Newman

Our faces tell the story
of a lifetime.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryP R E R N A

Emotions are the chapters
in the book of life

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryLife Coach

Everyone has a story to tell.
Don’t be afraid to tell yours.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryKarthik Parthasarathy

The many faces
of a human mind.

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryPratistha Dhakal

If only anyone could understand
the chapters of sorrows
behind my smiling face,
I would let them read it!

Wise Pick For 10 FebruaryKufre Stephens

Our lives are a story
with different chapters, pages,
and paragraphs


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