Wise Pick For 1 July

Wise Pick For 1 July

Wise Pick 1 July1

Ashish Verma

In the moment of dismay,
my own shadow comforts me
in the best possible way.

Wise Pick 1 July2

Roberta Jo

To love myself,
I learned I must
embrace my light
and my shadows.

Wise Pick 1 July3

Sulekha Pande

In my darkest hours,
my soul offers
the surviving powers.

Wise Pick 1 July4

Jordan Clegg

At the darkest of moments,
when all turn away and
we are left alone
to our sorrows and pain,
we find comfort in the
shadows of ourselves.
For we are the only ones
who can pick ourselves up,
dust ourselves off and
claim victory over our own lives.

Wise Pick 1 July5

Maria Ferns

The soul is my comforter,
in the darkest hour of sorrow.
Wrapped in its arms,
my soul, I will follow.

Wise Pick 1 July6

Heather Morse

Within the depths
of my mind and soul,
the only thing that can
help me out of the darkness
and back to the light,
is my shadow.

Wise Pick 1 July7

Siony Benemerito McCor

There is a sense of comfort
of being alone for a moment.
The moment to think through.
The moment to listen
to your heart and soul.
It is the moment to break free
from the darkness within you.

Wise Pick 1 July8

Nanette Bourne

At times of incredible despair
lean inwards and embrace
the ability to love yourself.
Resilience is born from within
and deserves to nourished.

Wise Pick 1 July9

Sherri Robinson Brown

I have learned to find
comfort from within,
because none can be
counted on in my life,
but myself.

Wise Pick 1 July10

Jocelyn Luck

You must be your
own best friend;
through the darkness
and the light.

Wise Pick 1 July11

Amanda Snow

Own your shadows,
for through that
you can truly start to heal.

Wise Pick 1 July12

Cris Garces Cruz

In darkness,
I only have myself
to embrace and
comfort myself.

Wise Pick 1 July13

Jessica Marie Dunham

My shadow knows my pain,
it never leaves my side.
Waiting with me
until the light returns.

Wise Pick 1 July14

Melodie Rose

Sometimes the darkest parts
of ourselves are the only ones
to comfort us in the
lowest of our times.

Wise Pick 1 July15

Felicia Holmes

Sometimes we must
emerge from the darkness
to comfort and heal ourselves.

Wise Pick 1 July16

Justine Miller

Sometimes our
inner darkness is the
only company we have.

Wise Pick 1 July17

Caelyn McDonald

Only the shadow
of my former self
offers comfort
in this darkness
I feel inside my soul.

Wise Pick 1 July18

Ald Ino

my darkest hours,
I find myself
comforting me.

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