5 Things You Should Do When You Are At Your Lowest Point In Life

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We all see successful people, all the fame, fancy cars, and big mansions but we never realize that they also had low moments even worse scenario than most of us had which made them into who they are.

If you feel, you are at the lowest point of your life and have no other way to turn around, you came to the right place.

We all had our lowest moments and it’s the ability to pass through all these moments that makes us stronger.

Never be hopeless like I have been in my past at the lowest point in my life. Through all my experience, I am going to share with you how to walk through this path of your life and change your attitude in a completely different manner.

There are 5 things you should definitely do when you are at your lowest point.

1. Think About Yourself:

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a few questions. Ask How can you solve it? What’s the mistake on your part?

Have you done everything you can? It’s obviously no because you would never fail and feel this low if you have tried everything you possibly can until now.

Lay down a plan of what you can possibly do to improve every day whether it’s cutting down spending, working 2 more hours or talking to your spouse more often.

This would give you a clear indication of the mistakes on your part and the answers to how to solve it. Do accept the mistakes on your part.

2. Think about Successful People:

Many successful people may have a bad past but their ability to focus on fighting back the tough times eliminated all the possible chances of failing.

By acquiring the same habit of not giving up when the going gets tough, you will learn the secret of achieving success.

Most importantly, you will learn, no matter how deep you fall, it’s the ability to stand back that makes us stronger and successful each time. It’s the way of getting better in life.

3. Be Grateful:

Remember all the good people that you have in your life(parent, spouse or children) and feel the gratitude of having them in life.

Remember all the good things that happened to you in life and feel grateful for them. The feeling of gratefulness gives you hope and empowers you to hold on.

Watch the people around you who are in a worse condition than you are but happy and satisfied.

4. Action:

Even if you feel the gratitude of all the things you possess and the ability you have to do much more, if you don’t put it into action with great persistent, it won’t have much effect on helping you feel better.

Put in action with the combination of consistency and the burning desire to help others and you will automatically feel the importance of yourself.
You have now realized all your mistakes, ways to improve it and developed a feeling of importance by putting your best.

5. Develop Personality:

After spending enough time to realize your potentials and guilts, now I would suggest you read self-help books, go to some seminars and talk with successful people.

It would help you change your life into more purposeful, happier and better financially.

Remember to do something in life that would help many people. It would be the strongest wall against all the barriers you will face in life.

You will learn through the journey of life that the greatest good in life is what you can do for others.


After a few years of facing the lowest moment of your life, you will come into the realization that it was indeed the best opportunity to help you become a better person.

Apply it in your life when you are at your lowest point and it will make you many times more successful.

I think if you apply it well and look back after years, you may feel these lowest moments are the greatest moment of opportunities you could have. Tough times don’t last.

It may feel like an eternity but as difficult as it may seem, it would shape you into a very strong personality. Never give up on your life.

Tough times don’t last but tough people do.”

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