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Have You Ever Fallen In Love With Some You Met Online?

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Have You Ever Fallen In Love With Some You Met Online?

James America

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81 thoughts on “Have You Ever Fallen In Love With Some You Met Online?”

  1. Avatar of Usha Madan

    Though sounds like a tricky question and makes people to be guarded….it's a deep question….
    Online liking again though depends on individual/mutual preferences about looks or background,most of the times does give an idea about the emotional aspects and the views/values of people …tells us about the vibes …..

  2. Avatar of Terry D. Pickron

    …right here,right now,you can read all these comments and replies and see the difference in personalities…which one are you,and are you happy with that…and do not pretend not to see…peace…either we are part of the solution or part of the problem,read and discover which you are…

  3. Avatar of Sadaf Ali

    not really but yeah the words, the convos written by him for me online made me fall for him I thought he meant it but he is a coward :3 -_- My Mistake I believed his words. Lol

  4. Avatar of The Minds Journal

    There's no trap or any thing here. If you trust something or someone… you won't feel it. My 2 cents for you.
    There doesn't have to be a reason for everything.. there need not be a truth or end to anything. Some things and some people Are' Just like that. Let it be.

  5. Avatar of The Minds Journal

    Trust issues are there, in every kind of relationship. A posing to be – does that not happen in the off line world ?
    People do have more chances to Pretend to be someone online …. but when a relationship gets stronger a true person does come out. in no time.

  6. Avatar of Terry D. Pickron

    The Minds Journal,yes it has to be ''on-line''…on-line it depends greatly on…trust…there are people on-line who are not what they pretend to be…surely you are aware of the difficulty this imposes on a potential ''relationship''…I feel the trap closing…

    1. Avatar of Urvashi Goja

      No no. I met them in person and they never disappointed. I live with one such person. We just need to be matured, wise and intelligent enough not to be fooled. But after initial hiccups with jerks, you learn to avoid them. What are people… but the thoughts they create. Thoughts make a person, otherwise blood and bones is same in everyone. An online you meet pure thought. In its pristine sense. And then the body follows . Which is beautiful. In reality we meet the body with its attendant limitations and awkwardness first. Then we get to ' know' the person. Knowing means the thoughts again. So online… you have already crosses that barrier. You don't have to meet someone physically if you don't gel psychologically. This is so freeing. And only when you feel a person is worth your time and afford… you meet in person. This is a very intelligent way of life?What say?

    2. Avatar of The Minds Journal

      Urvashi Goja Absolutely !!! This is what I think too.. Has happened with me too. 🙂 and each time I wasn't sad at all for my choices. I knew the person.

    1. Avatar of The Minds Journal

      when one falls in love online, it is with a person (his ideas) first and then in real life his lifestyle or habits. Is this process somewhat not more reasonable than falling in love with looks first and then the real person ?

    1. Avatar of Aissatou Sunjata

      I have known a friend years ago who had several different personas depending on who she was talking to online. I always remember her sharing that with me as if it were a game. She was in chatrooms. My perception was that if she was doing it, how many others were also pretending they were someone they were not because they were online. It may very well be the modern method to find love. I just don't subscribe to it. Some things still need to be done the ole fashion way in my opinion.

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