Destress The Body And Mind – Try Out Rowing


Destress The Body And Mind – Try Out Rowing

The Introduction

There are a million diets out that claim to help you lose weight in a few days. But, visit any doctor or nutritionist, and the best advice you’ll get is to eat healthily. And, to get regular exercise. 

Naturally, you may try out any number of work-out regimes for getting fit. However, we like to talk to you about rowing. Nothing is gaining as much momentum as the discussion revolving around the benefits of rowing.

You’ll find many celebrities pics working their muscles while rowing. And, you can even see the hype for buying rowing machines on the rise. So, let’s look at some of the advantages of rowing.

Benefits Of Rowing

Ergometers or ergs, also known as a rowing machine, uses up to 86 percent of the body’s muscles. Hence, you manage to tone up your entire body, strengthen your muscles, and build up endurance. 

Recommended For All

Rowing doesn’t only strengthen your leg muscles. It tones other body parts too. So, you will end up with stronger abdominal muscles, upper back, arms, obliques, and pecs.

Moreover, it is considered safe for people with low vision or the blind. And, if you happen to too old, then merely being out in the open and making gentle movements to row is thought to be an effective work-out.

Furthermore, studies show that rowing reduces body fat, reduces cholesterol levels, increases back strength, and trunk flexion. Some experts even believe that close to a large mass of water helps alleviate depression and melancholy.

It’s Low-impact

Individuals with joint problems can never run or practice plyometrics. Rowing, on the other hand, is suggested to persons even diagnosed with osteoarthritis.

The reason for recommending rowing to persons with joint issues is that it’s a low-impact exercise. So, while you may be burning fat, with your best rowing machine, you do not strain your muscles or joints. The pace and movement are always in your control.

Is Meditative In Nature

The fact the rowing is an outdoor exercise means multiple benefits associated with working out with plenty of fresh air around. Then, there’s the added advantage of being close to water. Research shows that being near a large mass of water helps relax the body and mind.

And, studies show that the sheer gliding, repetitive motions practiced while rowing relieves stress. Even if you work out on an ergometer, the continuous movements aid the mind to go into autopilot.

Rowing helps release endorphins that are feel-good hormones. Hence, not only does the mind calm down, but you also end up feeling happy.

Great For The Heart And Lungs

Rowing is a cardio exercise, which means that rowing improves your cardiovascular system. The heart and the blood vessels get stronger. And, the flow of blood, as well as oxygen, is increased. 

It is beneficial for individuals that have heart problems. And, people who are at risk of heart diseases may find rowing psychically as well as mentally therapeutic.

In Conclusion

Just as you can find peace of mind through meditation, rowing stimulates deep breathing and mindfulness too. We’re hoping that you find the article interesting and useful. And, maybe give rowing a shot.

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