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Caption This Image and Selected Wisepicks – 12 August 2021

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Caption This 12 August 2021

Provide a creative, relevant caption for the picture below and get selected and featured with your name and caption. 

Selected Wisepicks (Captions)

We have selected 21 comments (captions) as Wise picks from our Facebook PageFacebook Group and Youtube as on 14 August 2021.

Araliza Arias purpose spinning carousel

Araliza Arias

A life without purpose
is like a spinning carousel
with no destination.

Matthew Diengdoh hesitancy  your mind

Matthew Diengdoh

Too much hesitancy
knows no bound.
It will only spin your mind,
round and round.
Making it hard for you
to make decisions,
which are right and sound.

Efflin Fernandes a ride experience

Efflin Fernandes

Life is like a ride
on a spinning carousel
no matter which horse
you choose, you are
bound to experience
it’s ups and downs.

Maria Corina Pearce fairground fast pace

Maria Corina Pearce

My mind is a fairground,
in all its noise and fast pace.
A kind to the carousel,
my thoughts swirl around,
to a galloping crescendo.
Much confusion overcomes me,
I cannot halt the horses.

Elsabe Bosch Brits change the past future

Elsabe Bosch-Brits

“What if” thoughts are like
riding a carousel in your head.
Once the carousel stops,
the ride is over
and nothing is left to do.
You can not change the past,
you can build the future with
thoughts of “what can I do”.

Roccio Saldaña vertigo state proceed

Roccio Saldaña

The what-ifs in life
can send you into
a vertigo state where
everything will be harder
for you to proceed.

Charlie Prince swirling around power

Charlie Prince

When you have
negative thoughts
that just keep
swirling around,
remember you have
the power to stop
that merry-go-round.

Nancy Shurkoff thought goes frozen

Nancy Shurkoff

Round and round and round
we go when this thought
comes and that thought goes.
Spinning in circles
with decisions to make,
painstakingly frozen,
so undecided we wait.

Renu Suri running horse its course

Renu Suri

The mind is like
a running horse.
In your hands are
the reins of its course!

Sukanya Chakraborty sorrow of riding

Sukanya Chakraborty

“What if “is like a
grief-go round where
the sorrow of riding
is in abundance.
Get off and ride
the Merry-go-round
of “let it be”.

Suman Singh mind reels ground

Suman Singh

When your mind reels
like a Merry-go-round.
Halt it with self-introspection
and stand your ground.

Sherilyn Campbell anxiety your brain

Sherilyn Campbell

The merry-go-round
of anxiety is an
unrelenting loop of
worry and doubt that
tortures your brain.

Atula N Jamir Singh decisive peace

Atula N Jamir Singh

The merry-go-round of
uncertainties if not decisive.
Take the plunge,
all might crumble
or stand upright.
Worth the risk for peace.

Pameli Mukherjee problem doubtful thoughts

Pameli Mukherjee

Focussing on the problem
will only make your mind
a merry-go-round of
doubtful thoughts…
it’s up to you whether you
want to take a ride on it
or find a way out!

Shambhavi M R consequences enjoy the ride

Shambhavi M R

It is good to think
about consequences
but over-occupied with it…
Will not let us enjoy the ride.

Niranjana Shankar trip down carousel ride

Niranjana Shankar

The trip down
the what-if lane,
is like a carousel ride
that never stops.

Kamlesh Bhasin dismount repeatedly

Kamlesh Bhasin

Relax and dismount
your thoughts of the
horses that revolve
repeatedly around
the fixed pivot of
the ‘merry go round’!

Aneet Mahajan future possibilities implementing

Aneet Mahajan

Looking into the
future possibilities
is necessary for winning
and is a part of life;
But to keep on thinking,
without implementing
on any of them, only leads
to mental storm and strife!

Lou Angelique Heruela what matters  future begins

Lou Angelique Heruela

Your mind shouldn’t feel
like a merry-go-round,
with all the what-ifs spinning
and no answers to be found.
Focus on what matters,
not the could-have-been,
for it is in the here and now
where your future begins.

Navya Shivaram start swimming ocean of life

Navya Shivaram

Don’t ever let your mind
be filled with only ‘what if’s,
it never takes you anywhere.
Just dive in and start swimming
in the ocean of life
without restraining yourself.
Life is meant to be
dynamic and not stagnant!

Monica Mey realize switch it off

Monica Mey

Our minds can operate
like a merry-go-round.
Once you realize
your thoughts,
control the switch,
you can also decide
when to switch it off.

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