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The Best Zodiac Sign To…

The Best Zodiac Sign To

The Best Zodiac Sign To…

Choose one sign to have a crush on you

• prepare to get stalked on social media
• hates everyone but you
• cue intense staring

• will never openly admit they like you
• deep convos+good music recommendations
• very focused and loyal

• you’ll get complimented 24/7
• way too jealous
• makes you feel like royalty

Choose one sign to work on a project with

• tries to control everything
• actually does the project flawlessly
• wants to do everything for you

• will go on long rants about why the system and projects are useless
• has creative ideas
• either gives 0% or their 100% when working

• forgets they have to do the project but still does it well
• motivates everyone

Choose one sign to be roommates with

• You kind of forget they’re there
• borrows your stuff and forgets to return it
• easiest to get along with

• messy but respects your own space
• cue loud music/videos being blasted
• always keeps you entertained

• expects you to follow their rules 24/7
• genuinely the best support and always there to help
• resourceful

Choose one sign to make a big decision for you

• impulsively decides but is also somehow good at it
• anxious 24/7
• both serious and laid-back when deciding

• a bit too subjective when making the decision
• very supportive
• makes the decision based on intuition

• “Okay but what if ?? Actually maybe this??…”
• goes back and forth a lot
• ends up making the most logical decision

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