Plug Your Brain Into A Book

Plug Your Brain Into A Book
Barbara Bauer

Plug your brain
into a book
and recharge.


Debra Pry

Plug yourself into knowledge
~that's where your power is.


Rinku Shah

If you feel that your brain,
Just might drain
You need a book to stay sane,
Plug-in and see how much you gain!


Sulekha Pande

Plug yourself into
the world of knowledge.


Tanu Malhotra

An open and absorbent Mind
is the password for
unlocking Knowledge.


Jeri Formanek

Spark your brain
with all the knowledge you can,
for then, you will be free.


Happy Honey

Books are the best way
to recharge your mind


Sarrvesh Waran

When the brain battery falls down,
Nothing to worry,
a book is all it takes
to save the town


Leonard D. Saladino

Feed your brain.

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