Please and thank you are still magical words

 November 10, 2015

They have the power to get things done 🙂

25 comments on “Please and thank you are still magical words

  1. Agathe Christie No, when you say "I am sorry." There are two different interpretations for it. When you offer an apology there is only one. There is a difference and not synonymous. It is up to interpretation. I am sorry can also be construed as meaning, I am a sorry person. Whereas what is meant is I apologize for something done or said. Therefore, I never say 'I'm I am sorry," as I am not sorry, simply apologize when warranted. Enjoy your weekend ahead.

  2. Shikhar Singh With that said, along with the apparent lack of ability to comprehend mine, you also misunderstand another interpretation, I was attempting to show respect. Apparently, another antiquated idea with some folks!

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