Perhaps We Should Organize Those Tangled Threads

Sherry Greene

Perhaps we should organize
Those tangled threads
That reside in our heads.



Karthik Parthasarathy

Spinning thoughts in your mind,
Like a bundle of yarn,
Always a possibility,
To get the thoughts knotted up.
Once knotted, not all that easy,
To unknot and straighten it,
Much better rather,
To let it not knot at all.



Debra Pry

My thoughts are a very creative mess,
spinning in and out of control..
Maybe I'm a creative genius,
or a jumbled ball of confusion.
But I'm in control,
of all this madness.



Rinku Shah

When the mind is in a mess,
Trust the process
Clutter to de-clutter,
Untangle to tangle.
Don’t give up,
keep trying to handle!




Hrisha Paul

It's you who decide
whether to wind or unwind.


Sulekha Pande

Sorting out the relevant
from the random thoughts.



Rinku Shah

The mind is a mess?
All you need to do is
Think less!



Archana Gupta

We are all weavers of our thoughts,
learn the art carefully.



Mai Quesada

Messy thoughts are self-fed
lead to overthinking!


Shan Basabas

Only you can untangle the knot
Of worthless thoughts
in your mind


Karen MacLeod

the long string of thoughts
to feel for the knots.


Susan Fair Arakelian

Must take time
to untangle the mind



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